About Us

For centuries, Indonesia has been well known for its abundance and variety of commodities. It is a vital asset to the country’s economy as commodities account for around 60 percent of exports. Spices are one of those export commodities, with over 30,000 species which is more than half of the world’s spices we know today, the delectable spice has made the country a hub for spice trade worldwide. We are Mongna, a commodity trading company based in Indonesia, we have acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise of regional products over a period of time which has helped develop local and international customer base for the company.

Core Values


The two foundations of business are trust and value. We are committed to run a business that does not damage the ecosystem and provide value for all parties.


We sell quality products striving to fulfill customer needs. In case unfortunate things happen, we must provide excellent customer service.


In order to continue thriving in the market, innovation is a must, we know most innovation will fail, however those who don’t innovate will be left behind.


Ground Turmeric Picture"
Ground Turmeric
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Dried Turmeric
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Polished Turmeric


Frequently Asked Question


  • Resepi Serunding Kelapa yang ranggup dan sedap

    Resepi Serunding Kelapa yang ranggup dan sedap

    Resepi Serunding Kelapa kering yang mana Serunding yang dihasilkan daripada resipi ini akan menjadi rangup dan sedap

  • Resepi Roti Jala yang lembut dan beraroma

    Resepi Roti Jala yang lembut dan beraroma

    Roti Jala merupakan hidangan terkenal dari Malaysia, hidangan ini adalah sejenis lempeng nipis bercorak jaring. Roti Jala menawarkan rasa yang unik dan keindahan visual yang menarik perhatian. Roti Jala boleh dihidangkan dengan mudah sebagai pembuka selera atau iringan hidangan utama

  • Resepi Mee Kari Lagenda Peranakan

    Resepi Mee Kari Lagenda Peranakan

    Melalui percampuran budaya dan cita rasa, Mee Kari telah menjadi hidangan ikonik yang terus dinikmati oleh orang ramai di banyak bahagian dunia.

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